EILEEN KUZMIC: Artist Bio and CV

Eileen Kuzmic works predominantly with photomedia practices; which includes working with historical photographic and printing processes. Her work encompasses sculptural, installation and photobook production.

Kuzmic's artwork delivers a visual account of humanity through research, personal insight and relationship with her subjects. Kuzmic uses portraiture, photographic typology, archive and the natural landscape to deliver an empathetic insight to the human experience.

Current topics that she is working on, aim to unveil intimate aspects of hoarding as a mental health disorder and the effect on family, community and the self. Also investigated is the notion of the artist as collector; this practice is both a parallel and dissimilar notion to hoarding disorder. Her research investigating ‘The Artist as Collector’ and the manifestation of hoarding disorder has powerful resonance for contemporary communities.

2019    Curator and Team Coordinator, Waterline Art Gallery - Concluded

2019    The Makers Studio group exhibition, Waterline Art Gallery


2018    Waterline, group exhibition, Art on Ocean Gallery

2018    Collective Print & Beyond, group exhibition Curated by Eileen Kuzmic,
            The Entrance Lake House Art Series Initiative, July - October 2018

2018    Collective Print, group exhibition curated by Eileen Kuzmic, The Hunter Artisan Gallery

2017    Imaginarium, group show, Acrux Gallery, Hamilton,

2017    Awarded Faculty Medal from the Faculty of Education and Arts, Newcastle University

2017    Bachelor Fine Art Honours Class 1, Newcastle University

2017    Dysphoria: Artist / Hoarder, Watt Space Gallery

2016    Finalist, in the biannual Friends of Newcastle University competition.         

            Work title: Ideation

2016    Group Photo / Artist Book Exhibition: The Expanded Print

2015    BFA Graduation Show: Liminal

2015    Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction, Newcastle University

2015    Finalist in The Ballarat International Foto Biennale.

            Photobook: Dysphoria: Portfolio as Photobook

2014    UoN FEDUA Faculty Award                   

2014    Finalist, in the biannual Friends of Newcastle University competition.         

            Installation: Je Ne Sais Quoi

2014    ABC Open: Photographic series Scope selected for online exhibition

2014    Watt Space Gallery group show exhibited: Dysphoria

2013    UoN FEDUA Faculty Award

2013    John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle: Out of the Blue;
            group exhibition of historical photographic processes

2013    Watt Space Gallery group show exhibited: Stop You’re Hurting me

2012    Eileen Kuzmic has completed a project about Australia’s Care Leavers.    
            The work was donated to the Care Leavers Australian Network (CLAN) Museum.